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Data Warehousing

Focuses on capturing and integrating only structured data from various sources for analytical reporting, ad-hoc, structured queries and decision making. It is unable to handle unstructured, raw or complex data.

Data Lake

A centralized repository that stores structured or unstructured data the way it is, without the structuring of data & supports processes like dashboard/visualizations, real-time analytics & ML for informed decisions

ETL for Analytics

Data is retrieved from operational systems and is pre-processed for analysis with Extraction data from databases, Transformation that includes cleaning, filtering, validating rules & Loading of data into a data warehouse.

Data Processing

Manipulation & processing of data into a usable form using a pre-defined sequence of operations, done either manually or automatically. It helps in getting meaningful insights which enables users to choose output that suits their requirement.

Bigdata Solution


Our consultancy services are designed to extract the maximum value from your business. We will work with you to transform your data infrastructure and implement the latest technologies. This will help your business in capturing, storing and leveraging data-driven insights.


A detailed roadmap for 3, 5 or 7 years that defines the steps you should take to get strategic, tactical, and quick wins through big data-powered operational, customer, business process and fraud detection analytics.

Data Science

Leverage big data using Data Engineering & Data Science and drive your data strategy to measurable outcomes. Make data reliable & consumable.

Technologies we cover

How can Metis Team help you ?


Architect and Design hadoop based solution on-cloud and on premise

Proof of Concept

Build prototypes for evaluation

Data Ingestion

Ingest data into Hadoop Infrastructure

Data Processing

Processing Big data using ETL tools, Pig etc.

Data Lake

Design Data Lake on-cloud and on premise

Data Analytics

Discover Insights using Spark, Mahout, R, Azure ML, Microsoft R

Data Visualization

Visualize Big Data


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